The home away from home environment ensures that participants focus their energy on confronting their issues. The group culture reinforces honest engagement, accountability, healthy communication and behavioral patterns while discouraging past escape routes such as shutting down, running away, or other negative responses.

Play Therapy

Play therapy also informs us as play provides us with a sense of healthy escape and play is often how our innermost feelings are accessed.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Principles from DBT help to address participants who struggle with self-harm, impulse control or personality disorder traits. Understanding relationship roles, rules and boundaries through Family Systems Theory allow our therapists to support and treat the entire system rather that just the student.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is often used to address unhealthy thinking patterns or associations 

Developmental Therapy

Developmental Therapy provides a context for understanding how the history of each child affects current struggles and conflicts.


Learning to understand the defenses that protect our unconscious shame, pain, and conflicts are accessed through a compassionate exploration of our past.


Understanding brain development adds significant insight into the functioning and treatment of teens and young-adults.



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