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Meromim focuses on five areas of learning to help the boys achieve their goals.

1. Emotional well-being
Each student is his own world. By helping him to be emotionally healthy and self-confident, he can tackle other areas of learning and growth.
2. Social skills

Meromim teaches students how to interact with different types of people and to be a part of a community.

3. Daily living skills
Meromim fosters self-independence by teaching the students daily living skills like cooking, budgeting, and organization. 

4. Individualized educational program
Using Penn Foster, a self-paced academic program, staff members ensure students’ IEPs are geared towards his specific needs and abilities.

5. Health and physical fitness
A student’s overall physical well-being is crucial to his ability to function effectively. With physical exercise and well-balanced meals, students learn how to maintain their health.


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