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Meromim Israel is a small residential therapeutic center located in Israel for Jewish teenage boys, to help them learn how to succeed by using a warm and nurturing environment. Students with high functioning autism spectrum disorder (ASD) come from around the world seeking a clinical and individualized program.



 The school is a nonprofit organization and offers a high quality and affordable program for the Jewish community both in Israel and abroad. The school is built to give many students a place to feel safe, secure and welcome. Seeing the great need for a place like this, our founders established Meromim Israel. They dreamed to create a space focused on interpersonal relationships, that can offer a safe place for Jewish teenagers from well-established/healthy families. Meromim is founded on kindness towards others.


Our curriculum focuses on independent living skills in order to help the students in exercising more autonomy. Meromim combines education, recreation, and a nurturing residential environment with an individualized academic program. The program establishes a safe, predictable and caring environment in which a variety of strategies are introduced. The program is designed to give the students numerous opportunities to generalize what they learn in real-life situations.



Professionally trained coaches, therapists and teachers help support these moments of learning and development in a caring manner. Each student receives individual, group, and family therapy by a licensed professional. Our staff is trained to provide a safe, structured, and supportive living environment.



Our students participate in a wide range of activities including academics, recreation, vocational work, and Judaic studies. Our goal is to give students the tools they need to become valued members of their community. Providing the students with hands on learning experiences and assisting them in developing the right skills will help them achieve their life and academic goals. Meromim is here to partner together with you to teach your child how he can be a functioning member of his society.


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