The Admissions Process    

At Meromim, we will provide you with the highest level of personalized care, starting with the admissions process which is specifically tailored for each student and family.  With years of experience and expertise, our admissions counselors are available to answer your questions and provide personalized service to help you begin your journey.

They can be reached on +1-516-204-4409 or +972-53-865-6074


Admission is open year-round. Students are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.

1. Contact

Contact our admission's counselor today. We take the time to learn about you, your situation and provide answers to any questions you may have.

2. Application

Complete our admission application, including the appropriate Participant Release Forms, and submit them to our admissions counselor.

3. Review

Our admissions, clinical and medical departments will review your application and inform you of the status of your son’s enrollment.