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Why taking action creates success

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Sitting alone at the couch, binge watching Stranger Things or Game of Thrones is not going to get you closer to landing that job that will help you pay the bills and live the life you want to live.

Two months ago I was standing at the top of a double black diamond ski trail shaking in my skis. I had skied a couple double blacks in my skiing career, but this trail looked terrifying. The drop was extremely steep, moguls on both sides of an already slim trail. On top of all this- the conditions worsened throughout the day and the middle had completely iced over. You're probably asking yourself, why don't I just take off my skies and walk away? Well this was the last leg of the ski instructor test. I couldn't walk away, not after all the time and effort I put in. I sat down and planned my route. 3,2,1 I got up and started on my path. The feeling I had while going down the trail was accomplishment and success. Had I remained sitting on the ground wondering if I could tackle this trail, I never would have passed my ski instructor test.

I went back to the summit of the trail in the spring to remind myself what success feels like.

When a student joins Meromim, they are taking actions that will lead towards success. Through adventure and recreation therapy, students will gain valuable skills that will increase their self confidence. During therapy, students will learn hands-on, practical ways to deal with conflicts, interpersonal relationships and self awareness. During academic classes, students will be immersed in learning relevant topics to their interests and talents.

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